Martino Zanetti

The first chapter of the video project “A coffee with…” starts with an intimately public portrait of Martino Zanetti. The aim of the initiative is to narrate important figures inextricably linked to Hausbrandt’s world through short video monographs focusing on their life and work and featuring a place specifically chosen by them. Martino Zanetti is introduced by the fascinating call of the landscape of San Dagoberto’s hill, in the Treviso province, where he ponders over his experience as entrepreneur and painter. Starting from the arts that inspire him, painting and music, Martino Zanetti tells the tale of his creativity and of the passion he has always infused in his activities, his joie de vivre.

Alessandro Possati

The “A coffee with…” series continues: the second video-portrait is dedicated to Alessandro Possati, Director of Zuecca Projects’ cultural initiatives, in the unparalleled setting of the city of Venice. Once again, the absolute protagonist is the man and the persona, with his values and his disposition. Opening on a deserted Piazza San Marco, the video is a journey through Venetian calli and canals, narrating the life, work, and place of choice of Alessandro Possati, who has long been linked with Hausbrandt thanks to the sharing of art and cultural projects in this fascinating lagoon city.

Bruno Vanzan