La Fenice

L'arte e il gusto.ll sodalizio perfetto tra Hausbrandte il Teatro La Fenice di Venezia.

Creating art means producing something extraordinary and profoundly moving through hard work. Hausbrandt focuses on the art of coffee and is drawn by the deep passion, the frenetic pursuit of the perfect taste.
This interest has brought Hausbrandt to the most important Italian cities of art, driven by a desire to establish a special bond with the Guggenheim Museum in Venice, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, the MaXXi Museum in Rome and the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.

Also in Venice, the company is building a new partnership with La Fenice Theatre. Art meets art as Hausbrandt offers its own exquisitely Italian art to the public in the foyer of La Fenice Theatre, which is admired by 140,000 visitors and brings music into the hearts of 130,000 spectators each year. The Hausbrandt cafe is an exclusive spot filled with flavours and aromas, decorated in a natural palette of dove grey and beige – a tasteful setting that respects and blends perfectly with the theatre’s exceptional architecture and aesthetics. At the cafe, guests can sip the very best coffee, born of a passion for excellent taste, discover Theresianer beer, a beverage with a long history that continues to delight the palate, and enjoy  Col Sandago wines, an artistic expression of a land, a people and the relationship between the two – a pleasure for the eyes and the palate.

Hausbrandt and La Fenice Theatre are also alike in their ability to create a new sense of art and taste – the result of a desire to attain their fullest expression, which touches the heart. This is how Hausbrandt taste is created.