Bio 100% Arabica
An organic blend,
balanced and sweet.
Fruity and almond notes,
an Intense Aftertaste
and the embrace of nature.

Respect for
the environment,
for quality.

Choosing your cup of coffee and protecting biodiversity and natural resources?
With Hausbrandt Bio 100% Arabica, you can.
Coffee berries are grown in selected plantations, in full respect of nature and in compliance with the processing methods for organic raw materials.
The result is a blend with a sweet aroma and a smooth taste, a treat to enjoy.

Caffè biologico in grani


Organic 100% Arabica roasted coffee beans

A blend of coffee with a sweet aroma and an intense
aftertaste. It presents itself on the palate with a pleasant
acidity, balanced by notes of fresh fruit and a peculiar
hint of almond, also present on the nose.

Organic, authentic, new.

Bio 100% Arabica is an authentic coffee.
We rely on a cultivation that respects the times of nature to obtain an aromatic, intense taste, unique in its kind.
Bio Arabica 100% is is product innovation and the desire to obtain quality products that respect the environment from which they come.

Bio 100% Arabica is 100% taste, 100% pleasure to taste.

What’s in the cup?

Nothing but excellent coffee.
The organic farming certification assures our attention to the environment and guarantees that the entire
production chain of our organic coffee is always respected.