Promotional items

Promoting the choice of Quality

Choosing Hausbrandt means choosing passion for excellence and taking part in the story of a family that, since World War II, has aimed to enhance the value of gourmet coffee selections, targeting a consumer segment that prefers a refined product.

Hausbrandt is the

classic Coffee
par excellence –
a coffee so good that,
once tried, it becomes
our enduring favourite.


The new Hausbrandt clothing is unique and
customized, specifically designed for a unique
but functional outfit.


Exclusively designed for Hausbrandt, each item is the result
of a long research on materials, shapes, colors
and details, and it has been studied to create an
elegant, tidy environment in your premises.

the bar

Exception for some, second home to others.
A place where people go to meet, work, think, rethink, break up
or get back together.

What unites all these people and their stories is the universal
craving for a perfect cup of coffee, prepared with excellence by
the Barista – the embodiment of italian coffee-craft tradition.
He knows what’s good. And he chooses what’s best.
That’s why people trust the barista. And since the coffee expert
always wants to satisfy his customers, the barista trusts us.

Because for us coffee is more than just a beverage.

It’s a lifestyle you can taste, a culture you can inhale, a piece of history
between the tips of your fingers. It’s a genuine resource of raw emotion,
compressed into one bean at a time.

And we’re the experts in bringing out emotion.
That’s why we’re creating finest Italian coffee since the very
beginning of our journey that started in 1892 in Triest.

Baristas already know and trust our products for more than a century.
Now it’s time to get all the people to know and trust us as well.

So that one day people will not just order „un caffè“ at their local bar, but „un Hausbrandt“.

We take pride in who we are, where we come from and what we do.
That’s why we want to convince coffee lovers all around the world
to stick with the choice of the ones who know best. At the bar and at home.