The Academia Veneziana del Caffè

The mystery that accompanies the ritual of drinking coffee is what makes this pleasure so appealing. While it seems strange to call such a simple, natural, everyday and very Italian act mysterious, we are often not fully aware of the many sensations that we experience while enjoying a coffee. Yet, these sensations affect our opinion of a coffee’s quality and determine whether it meets our expectations. These same sensations are what give “added value” to the raw material, its roasting, and the cup of coffee, creating the ritual of enjoying an Italian espresso. Academia Veneziana del Caffè was conceived and founded by Hausbrandt, a company that has always paid careful attention to every aspect of this ritual – from the coffee’s origin to the cup in which the espresso is served. It is important to recognize that countless aspects combine to make this ritual so pleasing. However, it is even more important to study these aspects, working to understand, recognize and improve upon them, to make an even more positive impression on each of our customers and ensure that drinking coffee is a pleasure for the palate, as well as the eyes, nose, ears and sense of touch. The simple act of drinking a coffee becomes a fully experienced pleasure that involves the setting, the textures, the sounds, the aromas… Academia Veneziana del Caffè.