Cultivating a history of passion and quality, to fill every single cup of coffee with enjoyment.

When a company sets ambitious objectives for itself, every detail becomes crucial to their achievement.

Employing advanced agronomic techniques, selecting and blending the most prized varieties of coffee, using digital systems to monitor roasting ‒ all of this work in the name of quality requires the expertise of professionals. This same expertise allows the coffee to reach the consumer’s palate in its most exhilarating form.

The fine coffee blends are prepared by skilful barmen, who are trained and assisted with all their needs and who use the professional machines that best enhance the product’s organoleptic characteristics.

Hausbrandt has chosen to reach the end consumer through expert “baristi” (barmen).

Their experience, the continual relationship with consumers, and constant technical assistance from company sales representatives guarantee the taste, the aroma and the fragrance that has made Hausbrandt coffee famous throughout the world.

Skill, expert knowledge of extraction methods and focus on a perfect result: these are the requirements for a successful establishment, since the path to a truly excellent cup of coffee follows the powerful concepts of the coffee culture. Therefore, when an establishment decides to serve Hausbrandt coffee, it shares in a spirit that has guided the company for more than a century and reflects a deep-rooted way of thinking that encourages them to excel. The supplier and the client are linked by a close tie that strengthens and heightens the characteristics of the coffee.

The companies therefore hold an important position in the world of coffee, both in Italy and internationally, choosing only the highest quality products in a continual pursuit of excellence.