Hausbrandt, Theresianer, Col Sandago.

What is there in common between these brands?
“Haus” means home in German – a place to live, a safe place that offers protection and welcomes everyone. We have created a group of brands and companies that is now united under one “roof”, “one home”, a single company, Hausbrandt Trieste 1892 S.p.A., but that is also thought of as a physical and metaphysical place to live in.
This is why “Hausbrandt” becomes a true “umbrella brand”, representing our entire group of brands and products, and this is also why all the company sites are now managed with the same attention towards the people, the environment and our products.



Being honest and direct towards each other
Being ethical in words and in deeds


Talking politely to each other
Listening each other and being open to all points of view


Showing the will to learn from each other, from both failures and successes
Not taking momentary success for granted or underestimating our competitors


Placing high value on great ideas
Challenging the conventional way of doing things – never being satisfied


Working with passion and giving your best every day
Always being focused on quality with a meticulous attention to detail, to create better products, processes and high-value services


Collaborating in the search for the best possible result
Building solid relationships between colleagues and building your daily life on trust between colleagues, attention to the customers’ needs and a correct supplier management


As a family company, we believe in the importance of preserving and enhancing the business for future generations.
Our commitment towards the environment is evident in the way we manage all aspects of our business. By adopting sustainable practices that are environmentally friendly, economically feasible and socially fair, we inspire our customers and suppliers to protect and preserve.
Hausbrandt is a close-knit, passionate team, committed to the community in which we live and work, and we believe that by acting in a socially responsible way, we allow our planet to thrive. We are proud to be a leader in sustainable commercial practices, social respect and the protection of the environment.


Creating a moment of pleasure and inspiring the search for the highest quality.

We have a new comprehensive mission, inclusive but at the same time differentiated according to the interlocutor.

For consumers:
Creating a moment of pleasure and inspiring the search for the highest quality, through our products and our brand experience.

For our collaborators:
Creating a moment of pleasure and inspiring the search for the highest quality, working with respect and dedication.

For the environment:
Creating a moment of pleasure, operating with respect for the environment and the world we live in.


“We win with our strategy and our tradition”

Hausbrandt Trieste 1892 S.p.A. is a winner because it is represented by a team of people who work in accordance with our family business tradition and the ideas that have guaranteed our success until today, with a clear strategy to keep winning going forward: every day we are committed to creating products, services and solutions for consumers which offer a very high added value and an unquestionable quality, ensuring the best brand experience while respecting the environment and the world around us.



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