Ground coffee

Respecting one of the oldest traditions of Italian culture, Hausbrandt offers a line of blends designed specifically for moka coffee pots. A sole objective is pursued when blending and roasting the single origin beans used in these blends ‒ to have each cup tell a story. A story comprising the intimate memories, images, sounds and feelings, the daily habits, that the aroma of a good coffee (the fragrance that comes bubbling out of the moka coffee pot) brings to mind, creating a sensation of warmth and familiarity.

Hausbrandt offers several blends packaged in canisters so that an excellent cup of coffee can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home; these are suitable either for use with traditional moka coffee pots or with espresso machines.


Gourmet Columbus Hausbrandt

100% Arabica ground coffee. A subtly citrusy and pleasingly sweet aroma. The secret that makes this blend truly unique is the careful selection of the finest quality Colombian Arabica, which lends the coffee an exquisite combination of bitter cocoa and liquorice root nuances.


Gourmet Hausbrandt

A blend of selected 100% Arabica coffee, with spicy and citrusy notes. The delicate sweetness and refined acidity make this a prized, sophisticated coffee. Thanks to its particular grind, this coffee is ideal for use in moka coffee pots.


Moka Hausbrandt

A particularly pleasing blend of selected 100% Arabica coffees with a characteristic sweetness. The sweet, enveloping aroma and light body make this coffee difficult to resist. Thanks to its particular grind, this coffee is ideal for use in moka coffee pots.


Espresso Hausbrandt

A blend of selected 100% Arabica coffee. A coffee with a sweet and enveloping flavour, medium body and pleasing floral scents. Thanks to its particular grind, this coffee is ideal for use in espresso machines.


Decaffeinato Hausbrandt

A delicate blend of selected 100% Arabica coffee, distinguished by its subtle coffee aroma, accompanied by pleasing notes of nuts. Thanks to its particular grind, this coffee is ideal for use in moka coffee pots.


Caffè Anniversario Hausbrandt

In celebration of its 120th Anniversary, Hausbrandt has created the new “Anniversario” canister featuring its historic “nonnetti” (grandparents) characters, an illustration that made Hausbrandt advertising history. Inside, there is a 250 g package of premium ground (for moka pots) Arabica and Robusta coffee (“Nero” quality). A full-bodied blend created for those who enjoy decisive flavours, it features sweet notes accompanied by roasty nuances and hints of nuts. The aroma offers fragrances of biscuits and cocoa.


Nero espresso Hausbrandt

A perfectly balanced coffee with a medium bodied, medium-sweet acidity and a touch of bitterness. This blend is distinguished by its spicy, sweetly floral aroma and taste. Available for Espresso Machine and also for Moka pots.


Qualità Rossa Hausbrandt

This coffee blend is a perfect balance between very light acidity and full body, presents a strong aroma with very pronounced dried fruit and toasted bread hints. Thanks to the Brazilian Arabica, this
coffee is characterized by its well-rounded and sweetness. This coffee is specially ground for moka pots.