A Coffee with…
Alessandro Borghese

“My relationship with Hausbrandt coffee is a family one”

My dad was from Naples so coffee was a religion. My relationship with Hausbrandt coffee is a family one. We met and found we have the same philosophy, coffee as a daily act, a very Italian gesture

I started off in ships, long voyages, big teams on cruise ships. But it was also my floating university. It took me round the world, and showed me new worlds. I got to know new people, ingredients and techniques, and it was, so to speak, my springboard to new goals

Il lusso della semplicità (the luxury of simplicity) is both my philosophy and the name of my restaurant. There, I want to recreate the feeling of beaing at home, a feeling of intimacy

Music is the evocative power that food gives us. When you hear a piece of music, it takes you back to a moment, maybe your first love, when you were young, you may remember a song, or a crazy holiday