A Coffee with…
Sal De Riso

“Hausbrandt manages raw materials to offer customers a great emotion, a premium coffee”

I’m always on the lookout for great Italian ingredients, and I’ve found an extraordinary coffee I’ve really fallen in love with, making the most of it in my desserts – above all, though, I use it to make espresso coffee in my pastry shop.


Hausbrandt and I share something important –a philosophy of quality. I’ve seen the delicacy and attention they lavish on their coffee, such a fantastic raw material.

The Amalfi Coast is rich in extraordinary ingredients, like the lemons of Amalfi. The way that I as a pastry chef treat my raw materials, the ingredients of my confectionery and savoury dishes, is the same way Hausbrandt treats its raw material, offering customers an intense emotion, a superb coffee.


My kitchen is open to visitors, and it’s become a destination for tourists, too. I open the doors because I have nothing to hide, and it’s the only way I can show people how much passion I put into my work.


The dessert I’m promoting at the moment is the Cappuccino, the Italian-style Cappuccino prepared in a porcelain cup.

Now my shop only offers high-quality products, from confectionery and savoury treats to ice cream. Of course, everything I offer my customers must be of the finest quality.


I chose Hausbrandt because I selected the exceptional ingredients that in some way represent my native region.