Ronnefeldt Tea

A passion for tea for almost 200 years. Ronnefeldt tea comes from the finest plantations in Sri Lanka, Darjeeling, Assam, Japan and China. Extreme care used in harvesting, processing, packaging and preparation have made Ronnefeldt synonymous with traditional tea production – relying on expertise, craftsmanship, experience and a limited use of machinery. The tea leaves are harvested by hand at the best times of the year and are processed with care and respect. Perfection – each cup of Ronnefeldt tea has a characteristic colour and flavour that make it a unique sensory experience.

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Loose Tea ®

Loose Tea® is a tradition that blends with a myriad of different flavours. It is the most delicious form of tea and turns a simple cup of tea into a special occasion. Even during these hectic times, it is still possible to make a small ceremony out of sharing a cup of tea with guests. It is the wide selection of varieties and countless number of flavours that make drinking tea so enjoyable. Tea can also reduce and relieve stress. In addition, it can invigorate and inspire you to take a break from daily routine. Tea is pure magic. Ronnefeldt also offers a selection of exceptional blends of pure herbal teas to tempt your guests. Enjoying an all-natural infusion is like taking a morning stroll through dew-covered meadows. Rich fruits and contemporary flavours, like those found in our wellness infusions, open new taste horizons. Many of our herbal infusions are also blended with carefully selected fruits that lend them an extraordinary flavour. For guests who appreciate a decidedly fresh, pleasant and fruity flavour, Ronnefeldt also offers intensely fruity infusions.


Tea Caddy ®

All of the flavour of loose tea, packaged in convenient bags that are just the right size for a teapot. Ronnefeldt has created Tea-Caddy®, teas packaged in natural long-fibre filters that allow all of their flavour to be released, making a delicious cup of tea.


Leafcup ®

The perfect tea bag – whole and broken leaves in a natural fibre bag that perfectly preserves the flavour of the tea and allows it to brew properly. The unique shape of this tea bag makes it wonderful to serve – resting the bag’s tag against the cup and waiting the amount of time indicated is an addictive ritual.


Teavelope ®

Teavelope® is a classic tea bag from Ronnefeldt, a company that has a long history of trading in premium tea. The bag, which contains tea fannings, is packaged in environmentally-friendly OPP (oriented polypropylene) film. This material keeps the product secure, preserves its aroma and prevents contamination with other flavours. It keeps all of the tea’s unique features intact, protecting the subtle, natural nuances found in the finest teas to offer a truly exquisite beverage.