A sweet awakening of Flowers and Colors for a lively Easter.

Hausbrandt sweetness: an invitation to celebrate sharing and the authentic flavors of Easter.

Each slice of Colomba Delice is a poem for the palate, celebrating tradition with its enveloping sweetness and unparalleled softness.
The lightness of the dough contrasted with the crumbly icing is a sensory experience, a triumph of flavors and emotions.


A riot of flavors and joyful shades.

The enveloping fragrances and sweet softness enclosed in the traditional Easter cake celebrate the past with love.

This year, Hausbrandt enhances the Easter atmosphere once again with the queen of spring tables: Colomba Delice.
Its soft and fragrant dough is like a delicate embrace that melts gently in the mouth: left to rise naturally and for a long time, it is adorned with candied orange peel and precious Madagascar vanilla bean powder, enclosed by the crumbly almond and hazelnut icing . Raw materials are selected and processed with care and attention to make each slice a harmony of perfectly balanced flavors, creating sweet and unforgettable moments.

Product obtained exclusively from “Piedmont Hazelnut”