Accademia di Pasticceria(“Pastry Academy”) on air: an unprecedented journey to discover the great Italian pastry making.

Hausbrandt strengthens its partnership with AMPI and accompanies Italy’s greatest Master Pastry Chefs on an unprecedented journey to discover the great Italian pastry making.

In each episode of the new format “Accademia di Pasticceria”, aired on SKY UNO from 11 to 15 December, always available on demand and visible on Hausbrandt’s partner Sky Go, two Masters will show the steps for preparing state-of-the-art desserts, whether traditional or innovative, simple or complex.

With this new “series”, Hausbrandt consolidates its close relationship with the world of haute patisserie, which is capable of telling its story on the small screen as well: the fine 100% Arabica Gourmet Columbus coffee blend will represent the company on this stage, both as an ingredient and for tasting. With a delicately citrusy and pleasantly sweet aroma, Gourmet Columbus is one of the company’s top blends, specifically dedicated to the world of haute cuisine and pastry making.

Among the highlights, the episode with Sal De Riso, undisputed Master and AMPI President, with whom the Company has long established a deep bond based on shared values, so much so as to appoint him as its Ambassador. Pursuit of perfection, passion for excellence and an unbreakable bond between tradition and modernity unite and define a relationship that combines professionalism and personal qualities.  The awareness of being able to actively participate in the promotion of quality dessert art in Italy leads Hausbrandt to embrace this latest AMPI initiative on television.