Hausbrandt 1892:
130 years of taste
and tradition in a cup

From the steaming cup to the warmth of spending quality time together

130 years have passed since the first time a hot steaming cup of coffee made an Italian happy. 130 years of challenges, growth and renewal, which have led us to celebrate an important milestone: being a point of reference among Italian excellences in the world.

Hausbrandt has always been synonymous with quality coffee, ever since 1892, when the city of Trieste saw the birth of a great brand, iconic and representative of Italian entrepreneurial culture. In the 1960s, it was a great entrepreneur, Martino Zanetti, who fell in love with the history of Hausbrandt and gave it new life, leading the brand towards a vision of modernity, diversification and sustainability. A modern vision, always projected into the future, but capable of exalting Hausbrandt’s history.

It is with this in mind that the campaign to celebrate the company’s 130th anniversary was born.


In addition to the creation of a logo that will accompany corporate communication throughout 2022, the Hausbrandt moka pot is wearing a new look that recalls the strong link with the iconography of the Brand’s advertising in the early 1900s.

A lively, colorful illustration that releases energy, born from an idea of President Martino Zanetti, a play of elements that focuses on coffee and its quality, with an essential style, strong colors and clean lines. An icon of taste that, always remaining faithful to itself, has repeatedly been able to reinvent itself and enrich itself with ideas and inspirations, maintaining unchanged the extraordinary charisma that makes it eternally current.

The historic Hausbrandt moka pot comes out of a stylized cup, cheerfully drinking in turn from its own steaming cup and joyfully exclaiming “What a coffee!”. This play of elements aims to put coffee and its quality at the center, but, with an essential style, the use of strong colors and clean lines, it also expresses the concept of conviviality, sharing and joy. A hymn to all the values that the brand has been able to convey in its communication and especially with its products for 130 years.

This illustration is the starting point for an engaging creative campaign that sees the creation of advertising on print media, product packaging and material for the point of sale.

Hausbrandt’s 130th anniversary is an important milestone, made possible by the great commitment and deep expertise of those who were and are part of the company.
Since its foundation in Trieste in 1892, Hausbrandt’s history and tradition have always been intertwined with the civil, economic and cultural growth of Italy and beyond.
Hausbrandt has been able to tread the coffee-roasting market scene with fine beans, releasing the indissoluble link between tradition and contemporaneity.