Once a year, Rimini becomes a pole of attraction for the artisan confectionery communities from all over the world, thanks to Sigep, a unique event joining the ice-cream, confectionery, bread-making and coffee industries in a surprising, amazing event.

Hausbrandt will be at Sigep (Pav. A1 – Stand 200) with the best selection of its coffee blends, the result of careful processing and constant passion. The following will be available for tasting: 100% Arabica Gourmet Columbus, with citrus, sweet notes, Academia, with its round, intense flavor, and H. Hausbrandt, for an espresso with a stronger taste.

Moreover, guests looking for something new will be able to discover the cold-brewed Hausbrandt coffee. A one-of-a-kind coffee, recently presented by Hausbrandt at the Host trade show in Milan, opening new frontiers for a drink which has been traditionally associated with the invaluable pleasure offered by the warmth of an espresso in a small cup.

At the Hausbrandt stand, this “Cold Brew Coffee” will be available for tasting in its bottled versions, made using the two single-origins Costarica Brisamar and Ethiopia Sidamo as well as the 100% Arabica Gourmet Columbus blend.

The event will also be a chance for connoisseurs and enthusiasts to enjoy some of the best Tenuta Col Sandago – Case Bianche wines as well as a selection of Theresianer beers.

Having partnered up with Hausbrandt and the quality of its products, Iginio Massari and Bruno Vanzan, two important personalities in the food & beverage world, will be traditionally present at the events scheduled for Saturday 20 January at 11am and Sunday 21 January at 3pm: two unmissable opportunities to taste new coffee cocktails and exclusive pairings with confectionery products.

The Company will also be one of the main sponsors of Pastry Events, specifically the 4th edition of Pastry Queen, the Women’s Confectionery World Championship. Held once every two years, this competition intends to become one of the great international events in the Confectionery world, offering Women Pastry Chefs from around the world an important chance to put their skills to the test and find new inspiration for a satisfying, successful career.

An opportunity to engage in a challenge whose theme this year is “Astrology”, which will be illustrated by the competitors through their confectionery art, striving for balance in the creation of the required products. In particular, Hausbrandt will be featured in a coffee ice-cream dessert served in a glass.

In the Pastry Arena, Hausbrandt coffee will also be available for tasting at the bar in the VIP area for the whole duration of the event.

Excellence and craftsmanship in all the best forms: this is Sigep 2018, an event where the versatility of Hausbrandt products can be best expressed, and where the meeting with the most acclaimed experts in the food & beverage world will be an inspiration and an encouragement to achieve new goals, with a view on taste and quality.


 Pavilion A1 Stand 200