Hausbrandt is a partner in the new Zuecca Projects Space multimedia project “Monologues”, which will be presented at the 2016 Expo Chicago, the International Exposition of Contemporary & Modern Art, from 22 to 25 September 2016.

Sound artist Michele Spanghero will exhibit the video installation “Fenice”, produced in 2016 by Zuecca Project Space and presented in partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago, with the support of Hausbrandt.

“Monologues” is a work in progress that first took shape in 2014. It focuses on the relationship between space and sound in twenty historic Italian theatres, from San Carlo in Naples to La Fenice Theatre in Venice.

The video installation “Fenice” opens in the dark, listening to the silence of the empty theatre. As the sound grows, the lights slowly brighten to reveal the hall, and the artist appears alone on stage, listening intently to the sound of the theatre’s imposing voice.

In “Monologues”, the silent voice of the architecture “speaks” through the acoustic resonance of the empty spaces, and is expressed through sound sculptures and photographic images of empty theatres, where the only visual element is a solitary microphone on the stage.

This sponsorship has further strengthened the special bond that for years has united Hausbrandt and La Fenice Theatre, since it is one of the theatres chosen for the Monologues video installations.

Hausbrandt’s continued appreciation for the art world has led to its participation in unique and important collaborations. Similar to the earlier Hortus Project and Spazio Ridotto, this new partnership with Zuecca supports and promotes an all-Italian project in the United States.