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Worlds that are only seemingly distant will cross their paths from mid-March, thanks to the dynamism and versatility of the Hausbrandt brand. The historic brand, which has always been active in the roasting industry and last year crossed the 130-year milestone, is among the sponsors of the 31st edition of the “Porsche Green Cup 2023”, a multi-stage golf circuit involving the most prestigious Golf Clubs in Italy and bringing together Porsche owners who are passionate about golf.

This is a partnership between excellences with the common thread of passion: on the one hand Hausbrandt, with its refined blends, and on the other Porsche, synonymous with luxury cars, true jewels on wheels.  The sponsorship includes Hausbrandt’s participation as “Official Partner“, with brand visibility along all the stages of the circuit.

In between holes, the espresso coffees made with Epica® capsules will capture the attention of the players and the public. Epica®, Hausbrandt’s patented innovative system, features a double chamber which preserves the fragrance of freshly ground coffee.  There are several advantages of using Epica® capsules for perfect coffee every time: from the speed of preparation to maximum hygiene and cleanliness without neglecting the range of 100% Arabica blends and single-origin coffees, in addition to infusions and teas.

The first event is scheduled for Friday, March 17, at Golf Bogliaco in Brescia, the historic Golf Club founded in 1912, which will be followed by 18 more stages in various cities throughout Italy, with four additional competitions scheduled off-calendar.

The union between Hausbrandt and Porsche Green Cup is set to tell the story of the magical fusion between rigor and passion, sport and taste, to mark with character this new exciting adventure among unique landscapes and relaxing breaks at the edge of the green.