“Color is my interpretation of reality. Human sensitivity is not made of words. Too many words kill the artistic object. For me painting is color, emotion, and emotion has not a form. Color is my interpretation of feelings. The spirit does not need a word. Where there is a word, there is no object.”

With this statement Martino Zanetti expresses his artistic vision and although very modern – that is, that precor the times – in his entrepreneurial activity, he configures himself as a Renaissance man, for the versatility of his artistic passion and knowledge.

The exhibition is part of the events that make up the [e]Designfestival, an “event, articulated in exhibitions, talks and workshops, that enhances innovation driven by design, as a tool that improves the quality of social, cultural, economic and environmental life. With attention to the Veneto region and the province of Treviso, but not only, the festival promotes designers, artists, artisans and businesses that have made this territory, in the past as today, an international excellence in design development applied to products and various other innovative forms.”

Supported by the Hausbrandt Foundation – Wiener Neudorf (Hausbrandt Privatatstiftung)

Martino Zanetti. Colore e prospettiva.