Spring is coming:
a celebration of joy and color!

What could be better than celebrating Easter and the arrival of spring with Hausbrandt’s sweet gifts?

Skillfully made cakes and valuable collaborations with pastry masters such as Sal De Riso deliver irresistible proposals which bring Hausbrandt’s excellence to every table.

Colomba Delice elegantly interprets the taste of Easter with an original and colorful wrapping, while Fior di Mandorla Albicocca e Vaniglia accompanies every spring lunch and gathering with its lightness and sweetness.


Liveliness, verve and irresistible softness

The cake of tradition, with a long history celebrating Easter through soft sweetness and heady aromas.

Hausbrandt’s long history is also celebrated in this Easter proposal. The traditional colomba cake perfectly symbolizes the values of sharing and simplicity that Hausbrandt has always pursued: the joy of being together, at home as at the bar, and the pleasure of savoring all the goodness of products prepared with care and skill. The dough of Colomba Delice rises naturally and for a long time, welcoming sugary candied orange peel and precious Madagascar vanilla bean powder. The result is a fragrant and elegant cake, covered with a crunchy almond and hazelnut* glaze.
Fine ingredients, carefully selected and artfully blended for a result capable of conquering every palate and making holidays even more pleasant and convivial.

*Product obtained exclusively from “Piedmont Hazelnut”


Albicocca e Vaniglia

A soft chest of treasures with fresh aromas

A fluffy cake with intense aromas, which creates moments of celebration for every occasion.

All spring, not just Easter, should be celebrated in the name of sweetness! Fior di Mandorla Albicocca e Vaniglia is Hausbrandt’s proposal for all festive moments throughout the season. A soft and fragrant treasure chest, exclusively made by Master Pastry Chef Sal De Riso, a simple cake that is perfect at any time of the day.
From breakfast to snack time, Fior di Mandorla Albicocca e Vaniglia is also ideal to propose a new and delicate dessert at the end of a meal. Its dough, handcrafted according to tradition, combines the freshness of Vesuvius apricots with the deliciousness of white chocolate and almonds and notes of vanilla.
Fior di Mandorla Albicocca e Vaniglia comes in a pastel-colored case, perfect as a gift or simply to buy to enjoy this special cake at home, bringing joy and sweetness to every table.

Naturally leavened oven-baked artisanal cake.