In the cheerful spring atmosphere, the coming of Easter is announced, as is tradition, by Colomba Delice, a harmonious collaboration between Hausbrandt and the Master of Master Pastry Chefs Iginio Massari. Accurately selected and skillfully worked ingredients are at the basis of the dough of Colomba Delice, a cake inspired by tradition, so precious that it harmoniously expresses all its quality. The first glance settles on the surface, rich with almonds and
glaze, then shifts to the dough and its fragrance which, in their simplicity, reveal a skillful working of ingredients. The cutting into the heart of this recipe releases hints of vanilla and reveals the soft firmness of the dough, candied orange cubes and air pockets, finely sculpted by their natural freshness. To the palate, the balanced sweetness of the dough and its softness find a perfect combination with the crunchiness of the glaze, which enhances the hazelnuts* and
their bold flavor while holding all the subtlety of almonds.


Its sophisticated essences are guarded in a new box, enriched with elegant illustrations recalling the simplicity of its ingredients. Among others: Madagascar “vanilla pods” gifting the dough with a delicate natural aroma, candied cubes from selected oranges, almonds and hazelnuts, the stars of the glaze. The packaging is made unique thanks to the delicate emotions of Martino Zanetti’s colors: gentle strokes of blue, lilac and yellow, decorated by precious golden finishes, recalling the warmth of the newly blossomed spring.


*Product obtaine exclusevely from “Piedmont hazelnut”