Coffee pods



A package of 144 individually-wrapped, single-serving pods containing a blend of high-quality roasted and ground coffee.



72 single-serving pods of roasted, ground decaffeinated coffee. The undeniable pleasure of good coffee, delicate yet extremely enjoyable, with a caffeine content that is no higher than 0.10%.

Single Origin Coffees

The best single origin coffees in the world: Hausbrandt researches and selects these beans to offer its clientele a journey through the aromas and fragrances of the coffee plantations of Kenya, Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Ethiopia. Five different types of prized coffees are roasted, ground and packaged in single-serving pods to perfectly preserve the characteristics of each blend and offer a final product that is always superb.


Kenia AA


Kenya AA coffee is famous for its rich, full body and strong yet pleasant acidity. It exudes a floral fragrance and has an aftertaste of wild blackberry and citrus.

Guatemala Genuine Antigua


Genuine Antigua Guatemala is a coffee with a full and complex flavour, notable for its full, rich body, subtle acidity, and faint aroma of smoke and fresh tobacco.

Santos Fancy NY2 Brasile


This extraordinary beverage from Santos is famous for its medium-rich body, complex and balanced aroma, and lack of acidity. It is intense, with spicy and sweet nuances, no bitterness, and a slight aftertaste of chocolate and hazelnut.

Ethiopia Sidamo


This coffee has a balanced flavour and pleasant aroma, characteristics that have led to it being called “sweet coffee”. It has a delicate acidity and a good body. Its complex aroma is reminiscent of spices, with cinnamon predominating, and fruit, including ripe strawberries.

Costarica Tarrazu


A rich, full-bodied coffee with excellent acidity and notes of chocolate and tropical fruits, Tarrazu has a complex, intense and distinctive aroma, and is pleasing to the palate.