Christmas 2020
Emotion and color,
sweet Festive Moments
with Hausbrandt Christmas.

Noble hues and
golden details draw a
suggestive Christmas
in color.

With Hausbrandt, Christmas is tinged with color: the simplicity of
full tones is enhanced by the sheen of iridescent reflections and bright golden details.

The Hausbrandt Christmas specialties, the cakes that have always been a part of the best memories, are covered in color. With our fine ingredients and the softness of our doughs, everyone will be able to turn their festive days into the sweetest moments.

Hausbrandt Panettone
cakes, irresistible
masterpieces of taste.

For years, the collaboration with the master of sweetness has created magical encounters of taste, which transform the pleasure of tasting a Hausbrandt coffee into moments of sweet delicacy. Panettone al Cioccolato Bianco e Caffè, Panettone Glassato and Panettone Specialità Delice are the exclusive recipes that Master Pastry Chef Iginio Massari has signed for us once again this year. Unique proposals, thanks to the delicate flavor, the originality of the scents and the fragrance of these festive Christmas cakes.

Panettone cioccolato bianco e caffè

The aroma of coffee and
the gentle sweetness
of White Chocolate

the unexpected magic of a
flavor that envelops you
like snowflakes.

Panettone Cioccolato e caffè 2020

Naturally leavened oven-baked cake with white chocolate and coffee, decorated with hazelnut icing, granulated sugar and almonds. A Christmas cake that surprises and amazes, elegantly teasing the palate thanks to the unexpected combination of Arabica Gourmet Columbus coffee and candied lemon peel, which enhances its citrus aroma. The subtlety and the sweetness of white chocolate complete the magic of tasting. The box that encloses it is a prelude to the sweetness that awaits you: precious verses peek out over an iridescent pink which recalls the colors of a winter dawn. The warmth of gold and shades of silver and copper create a delicate play of reflections and enhance the geometric snowflakes.

Panettone Glassato

The Panettone Glassato is a sublime combination of flavors and aromas, capable of offering the palate an engaging experience for all the senses. The soft dough, enriched with candied fruit, raisins and the natural aroma of Madagascar vanilla, is perfectly balanced by the crunchy icing made with hazelnuts and toasted whole almonds, adding pleasure to pleasure. Enveloped in a ruby red ribbon, the wrapping
that guards this delicious cake is an ode to Christmas, a foretaste of the very sweet treat inside it.

Naturally leavened oven-baked cake with hazelnut1 icing, decorated with almonds.

glassato 2019
delice 2019

Panettone Specilità Delice

The Panettone Specialità Delice is ideal for those with a sweet tooth. The orange paste, made with candied peel, gives the dough a delicate texture, enhanced by the crumbly hazelnut icing with granulated sugar and toasted whole almonds. A wonderful contrast of sensations, wrapped in a bright jade green satin ribbon.

Naturally leavened oven-baked cake with hazelnut1 icing, decorated with granulated sugar and almonds.

Pandoro Classico

A magical journey
into tenderness.
A Soft Dough in the most
delicate and simplest of
traditional cakes.

Naturally leavened oven-baked cake. The dough of our Pandoro is special. Delicate and soft, it is the result of a long process, the tradition of doing things well, and the choice of simple but quality ingredients such as butter, eggs, sugar and yeast. Thanks to the wrapping in soft colors, packaged by hand and enveloped by a festive golden ribbon, it is a gift to be unwrapped just like the presents under the Christmas tree.