Barry Callebaut, the Swiss multinational chocolate manufacturer, has opened the doors of its first Chocolate Academy in Milan. Chosen as one of its partners of excellence, Hausbrandt is the official coffee both within the school and for tasting in the café.

First in Italy among the 20 Academies of the Swiss company, the school is born with a very clear mission, not only related to training, but with two goals in mind: a cultural one, to narrate what’s behind the chocolate ingredient, and the other, to support professionals, with the aim of creating together an added value for the consumer.

The director of the school is Davide Comaschi, a prominent figure in the world of confectionery, awarded with multiple prizes in Italy and abroad and already a partner of Hausbrandt, which has always been synonymous with quality all over the world. The synergy with an international excellence such as the Academy is essential to be able to offer quality to an increasingly wider audience who is constantly on the lookout for it. Here, Hausbrandt “plays on home ground”, proposing its best blends, born thanks to a rigorous choice of the raw material, resulting from the most suitable areas and a skillful processing, which allows the most sophisticated expressions of flavour. The culture of quality, which also entails the use of innovative machines for traditional roasting as well as skillful and balanced blending of different types of coffee, has lead Hausbrandt to the top of its sector, making it an ideal partner for collaborations of the highest level.