There is no Easter without tradition. And when a tradition, made of unmistakable flavors and aromas, meets a colorful and captivating aesthetics, the result can only be a winner. Hausbrandt‘s prestigious signaturewill not be missing for Easter 2024 as Colomba Delice, the queen of sweet spring delicacies, makes its way back to our tables.

Sweetness and softness will merge in a great classic of Italian pastry making: a cake full of history, made unique by Hausbrandt thanks to the patient creation of a soft and fragrant dough; left to rise naturally and for a long time, enriched with candied orange peel and Madagascar vanilla bean powder. Raw materials are selected and processed with care and attention: each slice of Colomba Delice is a poem for the palate, celebrating tradition with its enveloping sweetness and unparalleled softness. The lightness of the soft dough inside contrasted with the crumbly icing outside, made of almonds and hazelnuts, is a sensory experience, a triumph of flavors and emotions.

Pleasant to taste and smell, Colomba Delice also surprises the eye thanks to a refined wrapping that fully represents all the beauty of spring. The Colomba Delice 2024 packaging turns into a romantic floral spring painting, where the paper envelops the cake like a delicate embrace in a triumph of colors and shades. The double satin bow adds a touch of color and modern sophistication.

Hausbrandt welcomes the arrival of the warm season by embracing tradition, with an eye always turned to elegance. Carefully selected ingredients worked by expert hands make Colomba Delice the ideal cake for Easter 2024: each slice is a joy for the palate.