Colomba Delice is a delicious “work of art” created as a sweet way to rediscover Easter. In addition to being a wonderful traditional cake, it perfectly blends the passion of two contemporary artists: Igino Massari, a Master Pastry Chef who creates sublime desserts for the world’s leading tables, and Martino Zanetti, an entrepreneur and scholar who focuses on colour in his paintings, producing his own interpretation of reality.

Iginio Massari’s signature recipe combines high-quality ingredients with skilful processing to produce a fluffy, fragrant cake that features the delicate sweetness of Madagascar vanilla beans and the citrus flavour of candied orange peel, and is enhanced with hard icing made with Piedmont Hazelnut* and toasted almonds.

This year, the exclusive, elegant flavour of Colomba Delice comes in exquisite packaging with harmonious decorations taken from the paintings of Martino Zanetti to produce a delightful meeting of gourmet pastry-making and painting. The top features touches of spring colours, while the vivid pink and bright yellow alternating with soft shades of blue, pink and green produce a delicate decoration that entirely covers the packaging.

Colomba Delice is ideal paired with Passito Tenuta Col Sandago. Rare and unparalleled, sweet and enveloping, this wine offers notes of candied fruit, citrus peel, herbs and spices. A delight for the palate, it is created through attention to detail – the grapes are harvested by hand, carefully selecting the best bunches for natural drying, and the wine is aged for 18 months in oak barrels. Two unique offerings to make this Easter special.

*Product obtained exclusively from “Piedmont Hazelnut”