Hausbrandt is committed every day to creating flavor experiences where the scent and the aroma of the best coffee come together, becoming essential elements for daily moments of joy and sharing.  Christmas is the most anticipated holiday of the year, and Hausbrandt confirms with the Christmas 2023 collection the extraordinary tastiness of the traditional festive cakes, presented for the occasion in a new and elegant guise, with stylistic references that are typical of this holiday.

The delicate shades of a winter sky are the backdrop to iconic elements related to this season: shades of deep and soft blue are dotted with enchanted fir trees, silhouettes of reindeer, streamers, holly leaves and festive bells. Everything evokes the magic and peace of the Holiday season.

Hausbrandt’s treasured proposals for Christmas have become classics, the result of refined skill in combining ingredients, processes and leavening times, and every year they occupy a special place on the most festive tables: Panettone Specialità Delice and Panettone Glassato, the exclusive Sogno di Amalfi produced by Sal De Riso, and the soft and timeless Pandoro with an exclusive recipe by Andrea Tortora.

PANETTONE SPECIALITADELICE – with icing, without raisins

Panettone Specialità Delice is designed for those who love essential and refined sweetness and wish to immerse themselves in the delicacy of welcoming aromas. The fragrant dough is enriched with the natural scents of citrus fruits. Made with orange paste from candied orange peels, Panettone Specialità Delice is an aromatic and fresh cake which surprises the palate thanks to the contrast with the crumbly hazelnut icing with almonds and pearl sugar. Brilliant and lively, it wins you over at first taste. A sweet gift, wrapped in colorful paper that recalls the shades of the sky on Christmas morning, and a satin ribbon with silver touches, like the bows on the gifts under the tree.


PANETTONE GLASSATO with hazelnut icing, decorated with almonds

The simplicity of the flavors of the past becomes the most delicious way to share the celebration.

Panettone Glassato means tradition and surprise, refinement and character. The soft dough embraces the sweetness of candied fruit and raisins, and welcomes the aromatic notes of Madagascar vanilla as in the most classic Christmas tales. The hazelnut and almond icing gives each slice that irresistible crunchiness which transforms a traditional cake into an unmissable moment of celebration! A delicate satin ribbon elegantly wraps the colorful paper, enriched with silver details, white snowflakes and romantic mistletoe leaves, recalling the countless exciting shades of Christmas.


SOGNO DAMALFI produced by Master Pastry Chef Sal De Riso

Sogno dAmalfi, an exclusive dessert produced by Master Pastry Chef Sal De Riso which pays homage to his land, caressed by the sun and the sea. The recipe is full of intense aromas where the sweetness of the soft dough and the white chocolate blends with the citrus freshness of the Amalfi lemon peels and the limoncello-flavored cream. A sweet daydream created in the Master’s laboratory, which transports your senses to the splendor of the Amalfi Coast. The decoration, with cookie pralines covered in white chocolate and candied lemon peels, makes this dessert irresistible. The precious tin box that houses Sogno d’Amalfi becomes a treasured and evocative gift, between originality and tradition.


PANDORO original recipe by Master Pastry Chef Andrea Tortora

The Hausbrandt Pandoro is signed by Andrea Tortora. The master pastry chef’s recipe encapsulates all the exquisiteness of tradition and the softness of a fragrant, delicate and tasty dough.

A few high-quality ingredients are combined in an exclusive cake capable of conquering all palates: butter, eggs, flour, sugar and yeast are mixed with delicate slowness and loving care. The scents of the butter and the aromas of vanilla spread all their fragrance, and the texture of the dough is fluffy and pleasant to taste. Pandoro also gets a new look: it is a refined case that encloses the touch of sweetness from the Master and transforms it into a soft gift with contemporary graphics.


The Hausbrandt Christmas 2023 specialties, thanks to the distinguished collaborations, the continuous search for quality and excellence and the new colorful packaging, once again bring to the festive tables a gift full of the emotions and joys that only a magical occasion like Christmas can give.