Cakes prepared with dedication and valuable collaborations deliver irresistible proposals which bring Hausbrandt’s excellence even to the most joyful celebrations.

For Easter 2023 Hausbrandt celebrates tradition with the reassuring sweetness of its leavened product par excellence Colomba Delice and Master Sal de Riso’s precious original recipe Fior di Mandorla Albicocca e Vaniglia.

Colomba Delice is the cake that perfectly symbolizes the values of sharing and simplicity that Hausbrandt has always pursued: the joy of being together, and the pleasure of savoring all the tastiness of products prepared with care and skill. The dough of Colomba Delice rises naturally and for a long time, welcoming candied orange peel and Madagascar vanilla. The result is a fragrant and delicious smelling cake, covered with a crunchy almond and hazelnut glaze. This special gift for the palate is hand-wrapped in a precious, lively spring paper where the cheerful illustration of the Hausbrandt moka stands out, and topped off with a double satin ribbon, the guarantee seal of a superior quality product.

Fior di Mandorla Albicocca e Vaniglia is the cake that accompanies the whole spring, created by Master Pastry Chef Sal De Riso in his famous laboratories on the Amalfi Coast.

In its simplicity, this soft, fragrant treasure chest is perfect at any time of day: from breakfast to snack time, Fior di Mandorla Albicocca e Vaniglia is also ideal at the end of a meal. Its dough, handcrafted according to tradition, combines the freshness of Vesuvius apricots with the deliciousness of white chocolate and almonds and delicate notes of vanilla. Enclosed in a pastel-colored case, perfect as a gift.

With fine ingredients, carefully selected and artfully crafted, Hausbrandt pays tribute to the best Italian pastry art for a result capable of conquering every palate and making holidays even more pleasant.