The tradition of the Easter cake renews and enriches itself with new suggestions, preserving those values of quality, creativity and great confectionery art which have always been at the heart of each Hausbrandt product.

Colomba Delice is a partnership of taste between Hausbrandt and the Master of Master Pastry Chefs Iginio Massari.

The accurately selected and skillfully worked ingredients are the essential basis of this spring specialty.

Colomba Delice is a pastry masterpiece involving all the senses: the first glance settles on the delicious surface, rich with almonds and glaze, while the dough is fragrant and softly firm to the touch. The cutting releases exotic hints of vanilla and candied orange. Finally, to the palate, the balanced sweetness and the softness of the dough are perfectly matched with the crunchiness of the glaze, the bold flavor of hazelnuts* and the subtlety of almonds.


Colomba Delice’s sophisticated essences are guarded in a new box, enriched with illustrations recalling the simplicity of its ingredients and with the delicate emotions of Martino Zanetti’s colors. Gentle strokes of blue, lilac and yellow, with touches of gold-foil stamping, evoke the warmth of the awakening season. A unique packaging for a precious cake, created with care, precision and passion: the perfect ingredients of Hausbrandt Colomba Delice.


* Product exclusively obtained from “PGI Piedmont hazelnuts”