It is lively, playful, induces us to take it easy, can be found in nature and is all around us: it is Living Coral, Pantone® Color of the Year 2019, chosen by Hausbrandt to “wrap up” Colomba Delice, the delicacy devoted to spring and Easter.

In the season of colors, a delicate harmony between fragrances is released by the cake created for Hausbrandt by Master Pastry Chef Iginio Massari. The vibrant illustration which decorates the packaging is a richly-nuanced story revealing images of outdoor life with the warmth of the first spring days and the blossoming of the first flowers. It is in this scenario of happiness and perfumes that Colomba Delice is born.

Accurately selected, skillfully worked fine pastry ingredients are the essence of this spring specialty.

Colomba Delice is a pastry masterpiece: to the palate, the dough reveals all its softness, a tender but firm hug between the zesty aromas of candied orange and the subtlety of Madagascar vanilla, in a perfect balance with the crunchiness of the hazelnut* and almond icing. Its selected, carefully and skillfully worked ingredients – the Madagascar vanilla bean powder, the perfumed candied orange peels, and the almonds and hazelnuts* of the icing – let this cake release a delicate explosion of enjoyment.

This tradition makes a comeback and preserves the values of quality, creativity and excellent pastry that Hausbrandt has always expressed through each of its products thanks to its constant, successful partnership with the great Master Pastry Chef Iginio Massari.

*Product obtained exclusively from “Piedmont Hazelnut”