130 years of entrepreneurship, passion and vision have led Hausbrandt to commemorate a significant milestone in its history: the celebration of Hausbrandt’s successes is a hymn to dedication and commitment, the desire to remember an important accomplishment, always looking towards the future. 

For this special birthday, the Hausbrandt moka pot takes on a new guise. The red version recalls the strong connection with the iconography of advertising in the early 20th century and becomes the star of the Anniversary Collection. 

The celebratory series makes the Moka pot its distinctive element and identifies a selection of the brand’s most significant products. 

100% Arabica Anniversary, a coffee blend exclusively created for the occasion, a Limited Edition with a round aroma and notes of roasted cereal, dried fruit and chocolate. Delicious to taste, it gives the palate hints of bitter cocoa, surprising with an original licorice aftertaste. A coffee rich in nuances, with a full-bodied character, capable of bewitching and conquering you from the very first cup.



Porcelains – Anniversary Collection, an exclusive line of cups in vibrant hues and contrasting colors, for a perfect espresso and cappuccino tasting experience. Lines and geometries chase each other and play with the iconic Moka pot in fun and lively sets, with matching saucers, in three different patterns.


Enclosed in the Anniversary Gift Box, the special blend and the cups become an original and distinctive gift to enjoy and celebrate together the history of Hausbrandt.

From its foundation in Trieste in 1892 to the present day, commitment, passion and competence have established Hausbrandt as a company capable of leaving its mark in the world of roasting, offering superior quality coffee thanks to the careful selection of the finest beans and the creation of sophisticated, richly-nuanced blends. 

Always remaining faithful to itself, this icon has repeatedly been able to reinvent itself and enrich itself with ideas and inspirations, maintaining unchanged the extraordinary charisma that makes it eternally current.

The Anniversary collection is available in the best cafés, in corporate shops and in the Hausbrandt e-shop.