Hausbrandt’s 130th anniversary is an important milestone, made possible by the great commitment and deep expertise of those who were and are part of the company.

Since its foundation in Trieste in 1892, Hausbrandt’s history and tradition have always been intertwined with the civil, economic and cultural growth of Italy and beyond. The company has a deep connection with its hometown: full of ferment and constant intellectual stimuli, to which we owe the custom of cafés as meeting places for artists. A city where Mitteleuropean influences can still be felt today, with a strong propensity for openness and mutual cultural and commercial exchange.

Thanks to these roots, Hausbrandt has been able to tread the coffee-roasting market scene with fine beans, releasing the indissoluble link between tradition and contemporaneity. In 130 years, the company has never limited itself to adapting to changing market conditions, but has been able to anticipate trends and dictate the canons, presenting innovative products and services that are capable of meeting different needs in the best possible way. Hausbrandt has been able to build a solid presence in the channel, offering superior quality coffee and an attentive and articulated service, thanks to the perfect balance between artisanal experience and industrial capacity.

The search for perfection, passion, technological skills and the ability to process raw materials are the cornerstones of Hausbrandt. This golden age is also due to the leadership of President Martino Zanetti, who has been able to pass on his courageous and visionary nature and his “know-how” culture to his collaborators, but also to the products. A winning and fruitful union, which has infused strength and identity to a company that today is one of the leading European players in the world of coffee. The Headquarters in Nervesa della Battaglia (TV), in the heart of the Northeast, are a modern roasting plant. The logistics hub of 4,400 square meters dedicated to storage warehouses, whose roof is entirely covered with solar panels, allows the company to “serve coffee” in over 90 countries around the world through a sustainable production, with a turnover of 73 million euros and double-digit growth for exports.

A company that has never stopped drawing inspiration from the past to move forward with solid convictions, distinguishing itself for the green footprint of the entire supply chain, in the name of respect for the environment and the people who live there. Hausbrandt is committed to respectfully transform what nature offers, selecting the best coffee with passionate care and conscious attention. For years, production has been carried out in an environmentally sustainable way: minimizing waste that is difficult to recycle and working every day to improve production methods are the two guidelines with which the company’s processes are managed.

The selection of the finest single-origin coffees, processed with skill and passion, has led Hausbrandt to be the coffee of excellence, present in cafés around the world such as the Uffizi in Florence, the Opera House in St. Petersburg and the Teatro La Fenice in Venice.
Among the top blends are Gourmet Columbus, a 100% Arabica blend with a delicately citrusy and pleasantly sweet aroma, and Bio 100% Arabica, a coffee whose CSQA certification ensures that the entire production chain comes from organic farming.

A planning that over the years has led the company to entertain partnerships with the most important Pastry Chefs in the world and to sponspor the Italian team of the Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie, the most prestigious international competition in the sector.

More than just coffee. Part of the multifaceted universe of quality built over the years by Martino Zanetti:

Col Sandago, an estate in the heart of the Prosecco Superiore Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG area, in the Treviso province. Among the grapes of these particular vineyards, a red grape variety stands out, an ancient clone, originating from Western Styria, which has found its ideal habitat here: Wildbacher.

Theresianer, a historical brand dating back to 1766, whose aim is to renew the Austrian brewing tradition in Trieste so as not to lose the vitality of a culture both ancient and recent, which has been able to express itself at excellent levels here. Award-winning beers at the most prestigious international competitions.

Completing the mosaic of taste, Martin Orsyn Champagne, a project created in 2021 to offer a younger audience the freshness and pleasantness of the sparkling wine par excellence.

To accompany the communication for this 130th anniversary, the Hausbrandt moka pot is wearing a new look that recalls the strong link with the iconography of the Brand’s advertising in the early 1900s. A lively, colorful illustration that releases energy, born from an idea of President Martino Zanetti, a play of elements that focuses on coffee and its quality, with an essential style, strong colors and clean lines.

An icon of taste that, always remaining faithful to itself, has repeatedly been able to reinvent itself and enrich itself with ideas and inspirations, maintaining unchanged the extraordinary charisma that makes it eternally current.