Hausbrandt presents Colomba Delice, made with an exclusive recipe by Iginio Massari, a product that symbolizes goodness and beauty suitable for the most exclusive tables during the Easter festivities. A multi-year collaboration consisting of shared values, flavour experiences and the pursuit of excellence unites Hausbrandt, a synonym of quality in the coffee sector, and the master pastry chef.

Several-time winner of the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie in Lyon (in which Italy has been named the world champion) and President of the Jury this year, Iginio Massari has been collaborating with Hausbrandt for some time with his Christmas dessert creations.

The master pastry chef reinvented, exclusively for Hausbrandt, the exquisite recipe for this traditional Easter dessert, skilfully combining the finest ingredients to make the fluffy and fragrant Colomba Delice cake.

The taste sensation combines, in a symphony of flavours and scents, the delicate sweetness of natural Madagascar vanilla beans and the aroma of candied orange, enhanced with crunchy hazelnut* and toasted almond icing, to create a unique and original product!

The perfect charm of an exclusive recipe is embellished and enclosed in novel packaging. The vitality of springtime, blooming flowers and nature’s joyous reawakening during this season are depicted on the green box with a romantic pink cover, tied with a satin ribbon. Soaring swallows, delicate rosebuds and fragrant fruits are the striking small details of a design that tells of a world in bloom at this time of year.

An Easter filled with quality and flavour that Hausbrandt expresses through Colomba Delice, bringing the exhilarating flavour of gourmet desserts to homes, thanks to Iginio Massari’s “recipe” of experience and skill.

* Product made exclusively with “Piedmont Hazelnuts”