For Easter 2016, Hausbrandt brings us a great Italian treat, made with care and artisan skill: Colomba Delice.

This traditional Italian Easter cake bears the prestigious signature of Iginio Massari, Maestro of Master Pastry Chefs. To mark the occasion it will come in exclusive packaging with bright colours borrowed from paintings by Martino Zanetti. A masterpiece of goodness and beauty created by the joint efforts of two unique artistic personalities.


Previewed at Sigep, Colomba Delice has been described by Maestro Massari as the result of expert hands and painstaking care. Selected top quality ingredients, a skilfully worked dough and an exclusive packaging are what makes this product unique.


Selected ingredients play a role of primary importance in Massari’s recipe: the delicate sweetness of Madagascar vanilla pods and the best candied orange peel cubes, decorated with a crunchy icing made from hazelnuts* and toasted almonds.


The fragrance, flavour and fluffy texture of Colomba Delice come in a multi-colour box patterned with whorls of roses painted by Martino Zanetti. Every brushstroke, every line, every colour is a work of art in itself, an individual element, each one playing a central role in an overall harmony that unites reality and creativity, in the same way as the perfectly balanced flavour, sensed from the very first bite.


The perfect accompaniment to Colomba Delice is Passito Tenuta Col Sandago, a rare, inimitable wine, sweet and mouthfilling, refreshed by a good level of acidity.

* Product obtained exclusively from “Piedmont Hazelnut”

Colomba Delice ricetta di Iginio Massari