Hausbrandt presents its classic Christmas cakes unveiling its new image for Christmas 2018.

A festive backdrop to narrate its collaboration with Iginio Massari, Master of Master Pastry Chefs and long-time author of exclusive recipes drawn from tradition: Panettone al cioccolato bianco e caffè, Panettone Glassato and Panettone Specialità Delice, in addition to Pandoro Classico.

The Hausbrandt world becomes an actual scenery, an illustrated tale, familiar and lively, of the bubbliest and merriest charm: the one of the very last day before Christmas. It’s the atmosphere that works the magic, where anticipation and surprise meet the desire to spend time with your most loved ones. A small town in the snow-covered landscape, decorated trees, the warm lights of the houses and smoking chimneys frame the last eager preparations for the most anticipated day. Christmas is love, magic and happiness, it’s the smell of chopped hazelnuts, the glow of the snow meeting the colors of a harmonious landscape, jade green and ruby red.

Panettone al Cioccolato Bianco e Caffè by Iginio Massari

A recipe where the pleasant aroma of coffee meets white chocolate, candied lemon peel, hazelnuts and Madagascar vanilla. To enhance this unique combination of flavors, we have chosen the 100% Arabica Gourmet Columbus blend, with its delicate citrus essence.

Panettone al Cioccolato Bianco e Caffè both tastes and looks amazing: this Hausbrandt specialty is guarded in an exclusive rectangular tin box, adorned with our magic illustrated tale.

Panettone Glassato by Iginio Massari

With its unmistakable flavors and aromas, Panettone Glassato reveals a soft and fragrant dough, delicately perfumed with the natural flavor of Madagascar vanilla, enriched by raisins and yummy candied fruit, and topped off by a crunchy hazelnut glaze with toasted whole almonds.

An elegant packaging, finished with a bright ruby red shade, guards this delicious specialty.

Raisin-free Panettone Specialità Delice by Iginio Massari

This yummy raisin-free recipe reveals a well-balanced and fragrant traditional cake, with delicate citrus notes offered by orange paste and candied peels, finely topped with hazelnut glaze, pearl sugar and toasted whole almonds. Its uniqueness is enhanced by a jade green packaging with cheerful illustrations.


The softest dough carries the secret of the amazing Pandoro flavor. Soft and sweet, naturally leavened, and obtained by an artful mixing of its simple ingredients – butter, eggs and sugar. Packaged in a wrapping with lively Christmas-themed decorations, from a spruce tree to holiday presents, it is adorned by a ruby red and white ribbon.

The traditional Hausbrandt Christmas treats encapsulate the suggestive, exciting atmosphere of the most anticipated day of the year, cheering up moments of joyful sharing with sweetness of the best quality.