Sipping a fresh drink or a well-made cocktail was only possible – until recently – at home, which is now, more than ever before, the scene of all kinds of food and wine experiments. Concurrently with the reopening of cafés and bars, Hausbrandt proposes the 100% Ethiopia Sidamo single-origin Cold Brew Coffee in the new 0.25 l size. An exceptional washed coffee that is truly unique: the unmistakable scent of citrus, flowers and spices recalls the Land of the Sun, the Sidamo Plateau in South-Western Ethiopia. A combination of notes that gently seduces the palate, offering a pleasant aftertaste of bitter cocoa and spices.

Cold Brew Coffee is perfect alone, with ice and an orange peel, or mixed, to become an original base for many alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. Thanks to its low caffeine content, it can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

The Hausbrandt Cold Brew Coffee recipe book houses Bruno Vanzan’s explosive creativity and carefully details the preparation steps, allowing everyone to try mixology at home, and providing also a series of non-alcoholic recipes that are ideal for everybody.

Hausbrandt has developed a new way to savor the best coffee, where the culture of the good and the well-made is encapsulated in an elegant 0.25 l bottle, ideal for multiple occasions, tastes and needs. To try now at home and to choose again at the bar.